Harnessing The Full Potential of Cell Therapy

Inceptor Bio is Pioneering Next-Generation CAR-M Therapies to Cure Solid Tumors

CAR-M Cell Therapy Microsopic Cells

Our Singular Focus:
To Advance Cell Therapies To Cure Cancer

Inceptor Bio is committed to confronting one of humanity’s single most complex problems — solid tumor cancers. Every day, we are working to develop and deliver therapies that have the potential to cure patients.

CAR-M: Pioneering a New Modality

At Inceptor Bio, we’re transforming immunotherapy with our cutting-edge CAR-M platform. Our approach integrates proprietary technology that improves the mechanism of action for CAR-M: infiltration, eradication, and orchestration.

Scientist in laboratory to show how CAR-M infiltrate and deliver therapy


CAR-M infiltrate deep into solid tumors, navigate through complex stroma, and overcome physical barriers to precisely deliver targeted therapies

Tumor cells show CAR-M increasing phagocytosis to eradicate cancer


CAR-M increase phagocytosis of tumor cells, eliminating cancer through targeted engulfment

Cells to show how CAR-M orchestrates immune responses


CAR-M orchestrate immune responses, coordinate with other immune cells, and enhance anti-tumor immunity in the tumor microenvironment

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