Inceptor Bio and Avectas Announce Collaboration to Improve Manufacturing of CAR-T Cell Therapies for the Treatment of Solid Tumors

Inceptor Bio, a cell therapy biotechnology company and Avectas, a cell engineering technology leader, announce their collaboration to improve the development and manufacturing of next-generation CAR-T cell therapies for the treatment of solid tumors.

Under the agreement, Inceptor will utilize Avectas’ SOLUPORE® technology as an alternative to electroporation for engineering T cells with the goal to yield a healthier T cell product. Avectas’ SOLUPORE® technology is well suited to Inceptor Bio’s CAR-T cell process, which aims to improve the quality of the engineered T cells, and ultimately, enhance their durability in the tumor microenvironment. By combining Avectas’ SOLUPORE® delivery with Inceptor Bio’s CAR-T cell therapy platform, the engineered cells have the potential for improved performance and efficacy.

Avectas has developed the non-viral SOLUPORE  technology to overcome limitations of current delivery modalities to enable cell engineering, including complex editing, by efficient delivery of cargoes into cells. SOLUPORE technology permeabilizes the target cell membrane so that molecular cargoes can be delivered while retaining high cell viability and functionality levels.

“Inceptor Bio is committed to building and advancing a pipeline of programs based on diversified cell therapies, including CAR-M, CAR-T, and CAR-NK. This collaboration with Avectas is part of our strategy of advancing Inceptor Bio’s next-generation cell therapy platform focused on multiple novel mechanisms to address solid tumors,” said Shailesh Maingi, Founder and CEO of Inceptor Bio. “The aim for our proprietary CAR-T platform is to transform how solid tumors are treated.”

“Avectas is delighted to collaborate with Inceptor Bio to leverage the benefits of the SOLUPORE delivery platform for solid tumor CAR-T cell therapies,” said Michael Maguire, PhD, CEO of Avectas. “Excellent cell health and functionality, after complex editing, are critical to the success of these next-generation therapies”.

About Avectas

Avectas is a cell engineering technology business that has developed a unique delivery platform to enable the ex vivo manufacture of gene-modified cell therapy products that retain high in vivo functionality. Our vision is to position the non-viral SOLUPORE® cell engineering technology to be integrated into manufacturing processes, including complex gene editing, for multiple autologous and allogeneic therapies and commercialized through development and license agreements. For more information, please visit the company’s website at

About Inceptor Bio

Inceptor Bio is a biotechnology company developing multiple next-generation cell therapy products to deliver cures for underserved and difficult-to-treat cancers. Inceptor Bio is developing CAR-T, CAR-M, and CAR-NK platforms to generate a diversified pipeline to strategically treat a broad range of solid tumors. Inceptor Bio is headquartered in the Research Triangle Park area in Morrisville, North Carolina.