Kincell Bio Launches with $36M As Spin Out of Inceptor Bio to Help Innovators Develop and Manufacture Life-saving Cell Therapies

Morrisville, NC – Inceptor Bio, a biotechnology company advancing cell therapies for difficult-to-treat cancers, announced the launch of Kincell Bio as spin out of Inceptor Bio today. Please see more detail in the press release published by Kincell Bio: Kincell Bio Launches – Kincell Bio

About Inceptor Bio

Founded in 2020, Inceptor Bio is a biotechnology company strategically advancing a pipeline of diversified cell therapies in oncology. Inceptor is developing CAR-T, CAR-M, & CAR-NK products engineered for optimal efficacy against solid tumors. Additional information about Inceptor Bio is available at