Ori Biotech and Inceptor Bio Partner to Accelerate Solid tumor Cell Therapy Access

Inceptor joins Ori’s LightSpeed Early Access Program (LEAP) to future proof manufacturing capabilities, ahead of its first clinical trials in 2024

Ori Biotech (Ori), a leader in cell and gene therapy (CGT) manufacturing technologies, and Inceptor Bio, a next-gen cell therapy biotechnology company, have announced a new partnership to utilize Ori Biotech’s manufacturing platform technology and expertise to support initial process development through scale-up for manufacturing of Inceptor’s novel CAR-M, CAR-T and CAR-NK programs. Inceptor Bio is the third partner to join Ori’s LightSpeed Early Access Program (LEAP), granting pre-commercial access to Ori Biotech’s fully automated CGT manufacturing platform and digital capabilities.

“Our partnership with Inceptor Bio reinforces our shared mission to expand patient access to potentially curative cell therapies. Working with a fit for purpose technology platform from the process development stage is necessary to support a seamless transition to clinical and ultimately commercial scale manufacturing. We are excited to work with the Inceptor Bio team to support their work on novel mechanisms to treat difficult-to-cure cancers.,” said Jason C. Foster, Ori Biotech’s CEO.

“We’re delighted to partner with Ori Biotech as we move into the next stage of our development journey. The flexibility of the platform, coupled with real-time data flow, not only empowers us to make data driven decisions around our process, but also provides a clear path forward to commercial manufacturing at scale. Ori Biotech’s novel technology will allow us to accelerate our process development, ahead of our upcoming clinical trials,” said Shailesh Maingi, Founder and CEO of Inceptor Bio. “Ori’s team brings vast expertise in cell therapy manufacturing, and the flexibility of their technology will be key to maximizing the capabilities of our Advanced Manufacturing Platform (AMP+) in our new CGT manufacturing facility.”

About Inceptor Bio

Inceptor Bio is a biotechnology company developing multiple next-generation cell therapy products to deliver cures for underserved and difficult-to-treat cancers. Inceptor Bio is developing CAR-T, CAR-M, and CAR-NK platforms to generate a diversified pipeline to strategically treat a broad range of solid tumors. Inceptor Bio is headquartered in the Research Triangle Park area in Morrisville, North Carolina.