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Solid Tumors Remain An Unmet Need

Solid tumors constitute more than 90% of all cancers, yet while cell therapy has demonstrated significant success in hematological malignancies, similar breakthroughs have remained elusive for solid tumors.

Our CAR-M approach has the potential to surmount solid tumor treatment challenges by synergizing the innate and adaptive immune systems, launching a potent, multi-faceted attack against solid tumor cancers.

Blue macrophage

The Power of Monocytes and Macrophages

Monocytes and macrophages are vanguards against disease, capable of orchestrating immune responses downstream. The foundation of our approach lies in harnessing these versatile cells, equipped with potent effector functions that wield the capability to eliminate cancer cells.

Our approach includes amplifying the key mechanisms of action for CAR-M: improved infiltration into the solid tumor microenvironment, enhanced phagocytosis of cancer cells, and maximizing the downstream immune response.

How Our Approach Is Different

Inceptor is developing CAR-M therapies, which are monocytes and macrophages equipped with a Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) that directs these cells to identify and attack cancer cells.

Our proprietary platform confers a host of critical benefits, designed to unleash the full potential of the CAR-M approach. These benefits include enhanced cell infiltration into tumors, increased phagocytosis to engulf cancer cells, and overcoming the CD47/SIRP⍺ (‘Don’t Eat Me’) signal. These unique components promote a comprehensive response in the fight against cancer.

Woman looking through microscope for Inceptor Bio's CAR-M approach

Key Characteristics of Our Approach


Increasing phagocytosis empowers cells to efficiently engulf and eradicate cancer cells.

Overcome SIRP⍺/CD47 Barrier

Overcoming this signal allows cells to create a more potent attack on solid tumors.

Better Infiltration

Enhancing the ability of cells to infiltrate the dense stroma of the solid tumor microenvironment.

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