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Solid Tumors Remain An Unmet Need

Solid tumors constitute more than 90% of all cancers, yet while cell therapy has demonstrated significant success in hematological malignancies, similar breakthroughs have remained elusive for solid tumors.

Our CAR T cell approach has the potential to surmount solid tumor treatment challenges by utilizing our OUTLASTTM platform reprogramming T cells to maintain stemness and effector function in the tumor micro environment

OUTLASTTM Platform Produces Transctiptionally Unique T Cells

Our proprietary media composition reprograms T cells into a stem-like, durable anti-tumor phenotype.

The process is easy to implement across different process and T cell products.

All OUTLASTTM components are available at GMP-grade for clinical manufacturing

Our Product Candidate IB-T101 Will Enter Clinical Trial in Q4/2024

IB-T101 is our first product based on the OUTLASTTM platform. It is targeting CD70 for the treatment of clear cell Renal Cell Carcinoma (ccRCC).

Superior preclinical efficacy was shown in an aggressive RCC tumor model. At low CAR T dose levels and even after re-challenge, IB-T101 significantly outperformed conventionally manufactures CAR T cells. In addition, OUTLASTTM CAR T cells show higher levels of activation and less exhaustion,  key factors for success.

Woman looking through microscope for Inceptor Bio's CAR-M approach

Key Characteristics of Our Approach

Resist Exhaustion

OUTLASTTM CAR T cells exhibit superior activation and resist exhaustion even after long term activity in vivo in an aggressive solid tumor model

Enhance Durability

OUTLASTTM induces a gene expression profile associated with stem-like, early memory T cell phenotype

Retain Function

OUTLASTTM T cells maintain effector function even in an immune suppressive environment

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